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Looking Backward – Looking Forward

This year has been one of slow growth and change. I am looking forward to the next year with hope and positivity. Continue reading

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It’s Good to Talk

Since I found I had cancer I have had to talk to many people about it but only a few really understand what it really mean when you say you have phantom breast sensation or that when you say felt … Continue reading

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A Weekend Away: my new life in a bag

My DH and I went a way to London over the weekend and it struck me again how I pack differently. At one time it was the usual stuff: clothes, toiletries, books, teabags. never enough teabags in these hotel rooms. … Continue reading

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A Weight of My Shoulders – Goodbye Toxic Friendship

A few months ago I ended a longstanding friendship. I had hung onto this friendship hoping things the that had changed, the things that made us friends in the first place would return.┬áIn reality we had nothing in common anymore. … Continue reading

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