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Cancer Update: Oncology Review

I had my 6 month review with the oncologist today. After the usual prod and poke I had a chat with her about Tamoxifen as I had been told I may be starting on Anastrazole when I visited the nurse … Continue reading

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Cancer Update: 2 Years Gone Already

This time two years ago I found a lump in my breast. It didn’t hurt but I knew what it could be. A year ago I returned to work after the surgery and treatments. Boy does time fly. In that … Continue reading

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Waiting: Recovery From Cancer

I had a realisation the other day. I had been feeling a bit sorry for myself for some time, not depression as such but no mojo. I lay a lot of the blame for this on tiredness of course. Still … Continue reading

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Where am I now? Life After Treatment

I thought it would be a good idea to lay out where I am now in terms of health following treatment for breast cancer. It seems I am going through the ‘year ago today’ stage. I do something and think … Continue reading

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Anniversaries and Surviving Post Cancer Limbo

As the year goes by I pass anniversaries to do with my Cancer. the one in June when I first spotted my lump, the one where I had my first mammogram and lump biopsy, results day, mastectomy day, lymph node … Continue reading

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Back to Work – an update

I have been back at work for a few weeks now and thought I would share with you how I was getting on. Mainly things have been OK. I have nearly reached my usual 32 hour week and although tired … Continue reading

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Victoria Derbyshire – latest blog

Victoria Derbyshire has kindly let us into her world as she went through treatment for breast cancer. She and I have a had a mirrored journey although not exactly the same. Here is the link to the BBC report on … Continue reading

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