Current Themes – An Update

Returning after a two month break where its all been happening and not all in a good way.

Health and Fitness: 

Currently in training for The Moonwalk again. Not doing so good due to various things but did manage a 6 mile walk the other day and I could have done more. Just short on time a bit at the moment.

I have to be Moon walk ready by May the 11th and I have committed now because I am now collecting sponsorship. I am already up to £150.00. This is very motivating.

I also have an outfit to design and make along the theme of Boogie Nights. I am hoping to use recycled materials rather than buy anything.

Making Money:

Doing well this year with my target to make £2019 in 2019. This is one of the challenges on the Moneysavingexpert forums. Since New Year; with all sorts of cashback, interest, sales on Ebay and other bits I have made £679 so far; go me.

In other news, I am 23 months from being able to retire and will hopefully be mortgage free on that date. It isn’t long and I would not have been able to even think about retiring if I had not worked at saving, not spending where I didn’t need to and overpaying the mortgage.

Decluttering and Minimising:

I have been working hard on the clearing and decluttering but not helping myself with keeping accepting other people’s stuff to take away. I have had the benefit of some great stuff for myself but most of it has been redistributed to the charity shop, people in need or sold for donations to Cancer Research.

DS2 has moved out but he had 12 bags of clothes that he hadn’t taken with him until tonight. We sorted through it and he has taken 4 bags. The rest is to be bagged and taken to the CS. From his clothing hoard I inherited 2 zip fronted hoodies.


The last time I wrote we were talking about a woodburning stove. Well happily we now have one. It was installed in the week and we have been able to use it as the weather isn’t particularly warm in the UK right now.

It warmed the house enough for the central heating not to have to come on.

Also on the plus side; it is A rated for energy efficiency and is up to all the European standards including some to come in in 2023

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: 

Since DS2 moved out our food bill has gone down, but also what we are buying has changed. We are able to stretch our food budget but also NOT buy stuff that comes in plastic. Bottled pop (soda) and squash for one. Packets of bacon in plastic.

We have started making our own bread which is turning out well. It is heavier and tastier with the quality that you get in posh cafes and restaurants with your soup.

We are lucky that we get fresh yeast from DS3’s college where he works in the kitchen. He often brings out of date or opened stuff that has to be used up to us rather than it be thrown in the bin.

We have also started eating lettuce off the allotment, our first crop this year. Sowing and planting has also started. This year we are adding kale, cauliflour, spinach and baby sweetcorn to our range of crops.



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