Current Themes – An Update

Happy New Year all.

Apologies for the long time btween posts. Its been a bit hectic round here as I have had the builders in for a remodel. it was worth it but I had no time for anything else.

Health and Fitness: Well I think I am as unfit as I was this time last year when I had started training for the Moonwalk. I was doing ok until the building started and them the winter set in.

I have reapplied  for the Moonwalk so I now have a deadline to work to.

I have been struggling a bit with being overwhelmed lately but this has started to ease off as the place has got tidier.

First step every time in this case is to self care. Proper bedtime, cut down on rubbish food, prioritise.

Making Money: Despite not working very hard at it DH and I made about £1990 last year with cashback, surveys etc. It would have been better but all extra activities came to a full stop. Not motivated at the moment but a box is filling up of stuff to sell online. It would be great to make the same again this year.

Decluttering and Minimising: The declutter also came to a stop in the last three months of last year. We are back on the wagon now but have an enourmous amount of work to do. Just today we cleared several boxes of clutter from the old kitchen and 3 out of 5 shelves of a tall booksehlf.

This bookshelf is one of two and both have anew home to go to once cleared, hopefully in the next week.

Still working at the Charity shop and still bringings stuff home. I have also been taking bags of stuff in. Now people know I am there they give me stuff to take which comes into the house, gets presorted, and goes right out again.

Prepping: The remodel now complete and our cupboard stores are back to normal levels. Just need to fill the big freezer which has been put in the garage. In time, when ther are only two of us we will get a smaller one but we are making do right now.

The next project which we will start looking into very soon will be whether we can put a multifuel stove in our house. We have had a few brownouts for short periods over the last few years .

They don’t last long, but everything in our house except the gas hob need electricty. We have cooking facilites in the form of a campings stove so we just need a stove to keep us warm.


Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: 

So we remodelled the house but managed to reuse some items: doors, the cooker hood and double oven. We replaced the hob with one exactly the same but in better condition for £5 from Ebay. We regifted our tumble dryer and have hung onto the washing machine as it worked. My SiL kills hers on a regular basis.

The tall units are now raised beds on teh allotments and some of the shelves reused for shelves in a new alcove we have.

We have reused lots of off cuts

The appliances we bought are all very energy efficient and water saving. Any kitchen item we could reuse or regift, we have.

Finally there are some leftover bits that are unused and so  we will sell them on when we have time.

Christmas was not so good re plastic bottles. Next year I hoping to make some gifts instead of buying as I have a load of fabric and crafty bits.

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