Current Themes – An Update

Health and Fitness: Sadly fitness has been taking a nosedive the last few month.Since swapping cancer prevention meds I seem to have lost fitness and strength and developed more aches and pains, new ones like finger burning and joint selling, and the old ones just a bit worst.

I expect not making time for excercise, even walking is also taking its toll, plus I had a I heavy cold.

I am managing to walk an average of 9000 steps a day though but obviously I need to go above that to keep weight off and keep healthy.

Making Money: This has been a fairly good month with the two regular savers completing and being able to claim the reward. I have decided to restart selling stuff on Ebay and have had my first sale with a very small profit after charges, but it is better money in my bank than items gathering dust.

Decluttering and Minimising: The big declutter continues, forced along a bit by the need to make space for building works.

I have started working at the local Cancer Research Charity (Thrift) shop. I always wanted to do this but  children and life sort of prevented me from commitment. I have already brought a few things home, paid for I might add.  This has to stop.

I have had loads more stuff come to the house as people give me stuff for the shop. Yesterday I sorted a car load of stuff and put it all straight back into the car for delivery to the shop this morning when I do my 3 hours of sorting.

I am loving it. I do wonder at people who put in dirty socks though…… 😀

DD has now gone back to uni. A van full of stuff has gone with her and she left a bag of clothes, to be sorted, as she cleared out her wardrobe before she left.

Prepping: Prepping for the downstairs remodel continues.

This month we have run down our chest freezer and now just have a small freezer full of usable food. It sort of makes me feel vulnerable. Worst still; it has been at exactly the wrong time as the harvest of food off the allotment has not been preserved, just eaten or given away.


Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: 

In line with the above we are continuing to rehome stuff from all areas of the house.


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