Current Themes – An Update

Time for an update, now its raining 😀


Health and Fitness: Not much going on here. I am maintaining fitness and weight rather than improving on it. I have been pretty active at the allotment hauling water which is like weight training but that is about it.

Sleepwise things are a little improves with me getting an average of 5to 6 hours sleep a night. A lot less when it has been very hot or its a Sunday night.

Hope to restart walking or the Couch to 5k soon but other things are taking my energy as I prep for some building work.

It is three years since breast cancer diagnosis. feels like a long time ago.

Making Money: I have been doing well with monitoring my spending plus money is starting to come back in that was loaned out. I am feeling a lot better about my overall finaces than I was last month.

I am still not doing surveys etc, got too much on still. There will be big outgoings in the next month as the kitchen remodel goes ahead. It is going to be money well spent.

Prepping: Prepping for the downstairs remodel continues.

In the UK we have a big event coming in March next year as we leave the EU. There is a lot of talk about deliveries being delayed and concern about food shortages; at least in the forums I am reading. We are actually ruunning down supplies as we clear the freezers and cupboards os will give this had thought about what we need for winter and beyond.

Decluttering and Minimising: In line with the above we are still decluttering very slowly, the heat and lack of sleep make a big all in one go effort virtually impossible for me.

In the last month a lot more stuff has been donated, given back or thrown away. DS and I sorted out his clothes mountain and most of it is now stored.

This week the builder has been and marked up where things are going to be. Time to finalise kitchen plans and declutter the kitchen.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: 

In line with the above we are continuing to rehome stuff from all areas of the house.

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