Current Themes – An Update

It’s been a while, just getting on with living life. Time for an update:

Health and Fitness: Not much to report here. Been away a lot, gone to parties, festivals, a wedding and working on the allotment. It’s too hot in the UK to do any excercise at the moment and I have been so all over the place the only thing I am doing consistently is going to work. Despite all the cake, I haven’t put any weight on ( not lost any either) so  am happy

I had a look at my fitbit my sleep pattern is terrible. I am managing on between three and six hours sleep most nights, especially because it is hot. In the last three weeks I have had two night of more than six hours. I am going to cut myself a bit of slack and wait for the temperature to drop and then start the excercise properly. In the mean time I am cutting down on the bad stuff foodwise and hope to lose a few pounds.

With it being so sunny I am taking care to drink a lot and keep in the shade (I am a burner; freckled and fair). I have sun cream and antihistamines on the allotment but also in my hand bag. I am also the most likely person to get bitten.

As you can imagine, with the lack of sleep and the heat I am having to practice the fine art of pacing. I do bit, rest a bit. It works for me and I get more done than if I did a big task and exhausted myself.

Making Money: Money has been leaving faster than I would like but now I have a had a holiday I am on the money diet. Spend only where necessary and no puds or alchohol when eating out should help.

I am doing ok with bank interest and odd bits of money coming my way. I am too busy for surveys etc at the moment, besides it’s too nice to be stuck on a computer when the sun is shining. Back to all that when the usual British weather returns.

I am owed a substantial amount of money by various people and I am going to work on getting it back. I don’t mind lending it out but get a bit annoyed when no effort is made to then repay.

Prepping: A different sort of prepping is going on in my house at the moment. We are having the downstairs remodelled a bit which means taking out the kitchen for a few months. We are going to use the dining room as our kitchen and eat out of the freezer and cook on the campstove. We have a microwave and a slow cooker too so should be fine.

Decluttering and Minimising: In line with the above we have started moving stuff around. It was going to happen anyway but now there is a bit of pressure on. It started with my sister taking a load of carboard boxes from the shed to move house with. I cleared out the shed which is dry and have now moved a load of fabric into it, neatly stacked in tough plastic boxes. These and a lot more stuff was stored in DS room, but he also had a load of stuff arrive which he was storing somewhere else, he needed the room.

Downstairs there has been a bit by bit decluttering going on to allow for the kitchen to be moved. That isn’t finished yet.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Since I last wrote I have been avoiding buying drinks in plastic and takeaway cups. I am re using everything I can. Each item that leaves the house is recycled or reused in some way. Easy things like bags of books and harder things like bags of clothes that are not good enough to be reworn – these are donated to the charity shop marked for rags. The CS makes about £4.50 per bag I am told.

Reducing food waste is relatively easy as we have a freezer and we are pretty creative and accepting what we eat. DD made onion soup today out of a load of reduced price onions, home grown garlic, carrot and spud plus leftover sweetcorn and peas from last nights tea. It was delicous too.


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