My Favourite Place: St Donats – Atlantic College, Wales

Every few years I go to Atlantic College in St Donat’s in Wales for the Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival.

There are two favourite places here, greedy eh?

The first is the walk as you arrive for the festival. you walk through the woods, lit by strings of lights which give the place a sort of mysterious feel as you look into the dimness beyond. I always have a letting go moment. A big sigh of relief and peace, as if I am passing from our normal world to another.

fairy woodland at dusk


Then you come out of that onto a field that slopes down to the sea. I always love this as I live inland. this is often my first sight of the sea of the year.


On a night when there is a clear sky the moon makes the sea glitter magically.

The festival is full of people and colour but the thing I really enjoy is exploring the gardens which are stepped down the hillside facing the sea. There are several garden rooms; the blue garden, the beast garden but the best for me is the rose garden. It has seats and places to tuck yourself away so you can contemplate the world.

rose garden at BYTB

 When I can’t sleep I take myself off to this lovely place and explore my memories of it. You can see why I use it as my header photo.


via Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

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