Prepping – Coping With The Weather

Earlier this month we had a lot more snow than we are used to in the UK.

Many of you who live in these conditions on a regular basis will know about prepping for adverse conditions. Stocking up on food, water and fuel. having alternative ways of heating your home. In the UK we are quite lucky in the fact that we rarely have problems with supply of any of these commodities.

It is said that we are 3 days away from starvation. Not sure if this is just the UK but we certainly cut it close these days with supply and demand. there is very little scope if everything goes wrong and supplies can’t be moved.  So when the weather arrived many were caught with their pants down so to speak.

In my house I have a good food store, bottled water and loads of torches and candles if the electricity went off. The main weakness in my place would be keeping warm. We have gas central heating operated by electricity, no open fire or wood burner.

Many across the country were affected by sudden loss of water or power and for extended periods. Even the sturdy Cumbrians were caught out needing an airlift of food and fuel.

Predicatably, once people strated shopping again, there was a rush on staple foods; these were the bread shelves at my local ASDA:

empty shelves at asda

Even after a week stocks in the shop were not up to there usual levels.

So what is there to learn?

Assume there will be a period you can’t get to the shops, like illness, weather or something else.

Have some water stored but also a week or two of non perishable foods that you can be relied upon if needed.

If you have a car have a spade, blankets, snacks and water, something to do,  just in case you get stuck. Those people stuck on the motorway must have been feeling it after 18 hours:


We have another weather system coming over the next few days offering further freezing and snowy conditions. It will be interesting to see what happens now people have had chance to think about what happened last time



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