Current Themes – An Update

We are now in the middle of March and time for an update.

Health and Fitness:  Everyone at work is dieting and I have had a bit of salad and cutting down of heavier food but not dieting yet.

The  walking has also been interrupted. this time I had something called ‘shin splints’.  The pain was really bad, especially at night, down the right shin. Current advice is to ice it and rest it. Usually caused by over excercising, (never thought I would say this about myself), I think it occurred after a walk around a local reservoir. More ups and downs than I am used to.

Not to worry. I started training early just in case something slowed me down. I am back to it and will soon reach the ten miles I was doing before. Lighter nights help. Its a pleasure to get out in fresh air.

Still struggling to get enough sleep. Most nights getting by on 5 to 6 hours sleep. Not enough so catching up at the weekend. I am plagued by restless legs. Overall I am sleeping for longer period once I have gotten off.

Making Money: Doing well at the moment. An extra £100 or so from a variety of sources including surveys this month. It is all going on my mortgage.

Prepping: This month in the UK there has been a lot of snow (for us). We didn’t go shopping for a week and then only to stock up on basics. I am happy with my preps so far. many were not so luck and had loss of power, water or were cut off. More on that in a further post.

Decluttering and Minimising: More stuff has left the house than come in this month despite me being given a load of crockery and ornaments. Most went out to the charity shop and some I will be selling. I am still clearing books, another 5 or so bags have gone. I have also given away lots of items, finding homes for things is so much better than throwing it out.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Concern about plastics have been seeping into the national conciousness and there are news stories nearly every day at the moment. I hope this continues.

My own efforts include not buying food at work. Everything has some plastic around it. I am taking in food in recycled tubs.

I have been over the allotment today and started using some of the food packaging for sed trays and to put seed trays in. I won’t ever have to buy any again. I wash all my pots and trays and reuse again and again. Even the bags for shop bought compost are reused.


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