Current Themes – An Update

Another month has whipped by and I hae been fairly busy. My mind is still on my goals which I have updated below.

Health and Fitness:  The cough has finally gone and I have got on with training. I am currently on week 8; doing longer walks. The farthest I have gone in the last few weeks has been 8.5 miles continuously and 11 miles in a whole day. I am also losing weight  bit by bit, a few pounds a month, which is great as I am not dieting yet. I usually wait until spring for that.

Still struggling to get enough sleep. Some nights better than others for no one reason. Waking up with aches and pains, hot sweats, too cold, need the loo, dreams and restless legs. I have ditched the kindle at night and only read paper books, this has helped. Weirdly I sometimes fall asleep for a micro period and wake again. Ah well. Onward and upwards.

You would think that the walking improves matters but it hasn’t really.  It doesn’t make the tiredness worst either so I am carrying on.


Making Money: I am back to doing surveys but find my heart isn’t in it. The sites I have been using are changing on a regular basis and its harder to earn. In the next few months I hope to find other sites or just quit it and use my time better elsewhere.

Prepping: I have been working though my address book and phone book, updating them both. Its amazing how many people change their phone and or their number regularly these days.

Decluttering and Minimising: Since the beginning of January another 14 bags of books and clutter have gone to the charity shop. I have slowed down a bit, preserving energy sometimes but I am still doing a small amount regularly, which is better than nothing at all.

We won’t be moving now but will still be doing the house up for when we do, maybe in five years or so. We would rather retire early than be saddled with a bigger mortgage.

I have started on my craft stash,  crocheting a blanket, but got a way to go yet.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: I see plastic waste has been making big headlines in the news in the UK. On a personal level I have converted to a single waterbottle and will refill that rather than buy.

To really give up plastic it means giving a lot of other stuff. Washing liquids, cleaning stuff, fizzy pop, shampoo. There are ways around this but I need to spend some time working out what the solutions are.

I haven’t bought a plastic bag for months, reusing the ‘bags for life’ I have in the car. The thing is to remember to take them when going shopping otherwise I am tempted to buy more.



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