Plastic – A Move in the Right Direction

I was pleased to hear today that in England we may get points where we can refill our bottles with water instead of buying them prefilled.

Picture: BBC

Pile of plastic bottles

I have been watching the BBC’s Inside the Factory. The episodes about drinks and how they make them were very interesting, then you get to the bottling bit.

You realise that the numbers of bottles are enormous. The size of the problem is vast.

It is hard to get a perspective because you may see a few shelves of bottles in the supermarket but that doesn’t make you go Wow. The waste is taken away in small bags bit by bit. You can never get a picture of the full extent of the waste until it is presented to you like this programme does.

Blue Planet 2 , another BBC programme has been concentrating on waste and the water environment showing vast islands of plastic floating into the sea and and how the life of the sea is affected by our waste.

It wears down into micro plastics eventually which then settle on the beaches and in the bodies of the seafood we eat. Humans and animals alike are not meant to ingest plastic. We still don’t know the full extent of what it is doing to us but it is certailnly in the food cycle.

In the  UK we have been aware of the problems but not so bothered seeing as we could ship our waste off to China. Now China is refusing to take our rubbish, we have to take responsibilty too.

Picture: The Guardian

Sorting paper and plastic waste in Oregon, US

And remember, it’s not just bottles you have to consider. Go to your local supermarket and virtually everything will be on or in plastic or at least have some plastic in the packaging.  Here is an example from the fruit counter of my local supermarket.

plastices shopping (3)plastices shopping (4)

Time to rethink the shopping I think.

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