Kickstarting the Year


This is a chatty post so nothing clever will be said but you might like it anyway.

So the last few weeks have been a bit hectic and I still haven’t got the Christmas decs in the loft yet.

I am exhausted (not sleeping so well) and have had to have a few days off from marathon training but I am back on it. I slept through The Lord of the Rings  (Fellowship) last night and felt a lot better. Its one of those comfort movies.

In that category there is Stardust, The first Star Trek featuring Chris Pine and the mini series ‘Going Postal’  which Sky did a good few years ago now. I wish they would do more Terry pratchett stuff as it is always good.

Seeing in the New Year was a quiet affair, as in just me, DH and DD.

Since then I have been busy decluttering and cleaning. Not spring cleaning as such, just keeping on top of things and doing a bit more.

DD has gone back to Uni now so I am able to use her room as a sorting area again. I have a new system for clearing out. If something is to go out of the house and is not to go in the bin it will go in her room in a box for reuse (gifts and things for the charity shoe boxes), charity shop ragbag, charity shop good stuff or it will go to work for distribution either by giving away or donating to various departments.

The important thing is that as soon as a bag or box is full it is taken and put in the car and taken to it’s final destination within a few days. This is working very well for me. I used to build up mountains of stuff and never move it on becasue I thought I would take it all in one big go. What actually happened is that things got moved around, spilled over or I would change my mind.

I do struggle to let books go. They have been my protection since childhood and I know I don’t need all of them any more, in fact I am not sure I can read all the ones I have.

Some are parts of series where I didn’t collect the next in line and so the rest have waited. I am now using my library for these or kindle if I can’t get them from the libary. Thjis is also workig well for me.

A second major area is the craft stash. Its amazing how you can build up such a collection and still have nothing to show for it. I am tackling this in categories. I am onto wool first. I am crocheting a blanket and shawl set for me for the car. I  have hot and cold flushes and they will be easire to throw off than suffering in a coat.


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