Current Themes – An Update

Health and Fitness: Aah, woe is me. A second chesty cough has now knocked me off my perch. The Couch to 5k will now have to wait again and I was ready to go onto week two too. What a pain. First time off sick from work since I went back last May.

Prioritising sleep as I was burning the candle at both ends. This was helping before my cough developed but nor right now.

Making Money: Not much this month. I have been busy, away or sick. I am a bit half hearted about the return to the surveys.

Prepping: Nothing new to report here apart from getting the Christmas decorations from the loft and packaging up a few presents.

Some may remember that last year I pre wrapped four boxes with wrapping paper to fill with stuff for Operation Christmas Child who collect October. Well this worked very well. The boxes were accessible. I Put all sorts of stuff in a box over the year as things came into the house, DD cleared her room and I decluttered. We filled the four boxes and the spare stuff went in a bag with my MiL to the sorting centre where they help out for other boxes. I will be doing the same in 2018.


Decluttering and Minimising: There has not been much done in a direct way, as in getting stuff out of the house. DH did take a load of cables and leads to the recycling centre thoiugh. These bags have been sitting around for some time.

On a positive note I did find that I can access my local libraries catalogue. This includes on line loans as well as audio books. I downloaded their app to my phone and now listen to books on the way home from work. I still intend to borrow real books too but I can now also see if any books I have are on their catalogue. Those I can donate.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Along with my desire to clear the house I want to reduce the amount of plastics, polystyrene, (styrofoam), and other stuff that I don’t want in the house by trying not to buy it at all.

First thing, though small and an easy win, was to take all my veg loose to the checkout. No bags. I have a Jute re-usable bag which the veggies go in as it comes through. A lot of veg was pre bagged in my local Asda which made shopping a little difficult.

For the past few weeks I have been looking around the house noticing how much stuff is not recyclable or reusable.  Each shopping trip brings in hard to reuse plastics that also don’t easily recycle.

As well as preventing stuff coming into the house I want to reduce what goes to landfill. Today I have been working on hanging Christmas ornaments made from polystyrene pizza bases which and used wrappings from last year. Will post a picture at some point.

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