Slipped Off the Radar Again

So where have I been I find you asking? Or maybe not.

Well I was doing OK. Had completed the first week of Couch to 5k and was repeating it to be sure when I  got hit by a heavy cold and my annual chesty cough. It was my own fault. I had been saying how I hadn’t been off for a year on my appraisal and the very next day along came the sore throat.

So I have stopped running until I am fully better, I have not gone out much but have managed to go to work. I was at my worst over the weekend before last, and have just about recovered now.

Life has gone on anyway and so I managed to get to the allotment to water the tomatoes, still going strong. Pick up my regular courgette (the same plant has been supplying two courgettes a week for months).

Over the ditch Dan kindly let me try some of his curly kale. It had white fly but once scrubbed it was lovely, like cabbage. my daughter wasn’t too impressed by the caterpillar that fell out of one her leaves though.

I have been playing with my dehydrator again and found that it makes curly kale VERY crisp. DD tried it and dried cabbage in a Chinese stir-fry. Her judgement is kale great, cabbage not so great.

So that’s it for now. Will do my monthly update in the next few days.

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