A New Start : Free at Last

Last week my daughter started university. Until now I have always had this invisible bungee umbilical cord that keeps bringing me home just as soon as is humanly possible from wherever I am. I kept at it even when she turned 18, until she left last week in fact.

The title is a bit tongue in cheek but although I miss my daughter I am looking forward to not being tied down so much.

So what will I do with my new found freedom?

Well seeing as I am still tied to paid work I don’t suppose I will be running off into the sunset cackling madly and waving my arms.

What it is is an opportunity. I have only one really great need right now, and that is to get fitter. This is a priority I have put off because I always felt I had to run home. Interestingly I didn’t feel half as guilty eating out sometimes five times in a week. Aah, my excuse has gone off to educate herself and there is no where to hide.

To get fit I have to think about several things.

My current level of fitness is abysmal. I can walk on the flat for quite some distance but my joints are creaky and muscles ache. I was a bit like this before all my treatment but it seems to be worst now.

If you ask me to walk up a mild incline or some stairs I get very  puffed out. Although my sleep has improved my fitness levels haven’t for some time and I have put on weight.

And in that statement lies another issue. I love love love cake and biscuits, anything sweet. At this time of year even I turn to pies, spuds and stews. I love the carb rich diet that is so bad for you but I really can’t face salad in winter.

So I have come to an agreement with myself; I am going to slowly lose weight and slowly build up my exercise.

From tomorrow I am going to list all the food and try and work out the calories and fat etc. I have used Spark people for this before so may go back to that. I know my triggers as a rule and will avoid them.

I will weigh myself once a month on payday (the 27th) but I hope to notice the difference in my clothes .

As for exercise I have been inspired by a very good friend to try the Couch to 5k, (C25K). Its one of those things that even I can do. In fact it is designed for people just like me, as in very unfit. I wouldn’t call myself a couch potato most of the time. I tried it for the first time last night and I managed three 90 second runs although the last one was not so good. I was tempted to do a pre C25K as in walk normally then walk fast but it seems pointless so I shall stick to the plan.

couch in couch to 5 k

Getting fit and losing weight is not just a nice to have aim. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease. I have been overweight or obese for the whole of my adult life. I am tired a lot and although I can put some of this down to my treatment its not all about that. I may actually live longer than my predecessors if I look after myself. I may actually get old. Besides I don’t like the way I look or feel. Getting breathless just bending down to  pick something up is no fun.

Finally I have already told the office at work and will tell my lovely MiL as she often brings cakes and goodies round. Got to love her for it but it doesn’t help the old waistline.

What I really want is to look as fab as my friend of course and maybe even go for a run with her one day. Wish me luck.

couch to 5 K





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