Current Themes – An Update

A month comes round really quickly. Life has been very busy here, blogging is taking a back seat; normal service will resume soon.

Health and Fitness: The Venlafaxine continues to work and I am sleeping a lot better. It also helps that the weather has cooled down a bit. Now that I am sleeping I have been getting a better picture of my overall health. I am doing ok and can walk on the flat with no problem but going up even slight inclines causes me to be puffed out. I am also still not very strong but hope that will improve in the next few months.

Had my mammogram this week which marks the second year since first surgery.

Making Money: Although I am not doing surveys etc I have a plan which will earn me about £700 over the next year for a few hours work. This is to do with opening bank accounts and rotating money around. Fiddly but worth it.

I paid a chunk off my smaller mortgage last month. It won’t be long until it has gone.

Prepping: Doing two sorts of prepping this month.

First DD is going off to uni so we have been getting what she needs together. Nearly everything is done. I have also done her a sewing kit, care kit and first aid kit. We are putting together a tool kit and a bag for emergencies in case she gets woken by fire alarms in the middle of the night. It will contain food and water, cash and phone numbers plus foot wear and clothes.

Also this month I have been through my various emergency bags putting in water with a long expiry date, tablets also with long expiry dates and replacing old £1 coins with new ones as they are out of date in October.

Decluttering and Minimising: In the last month I have cleared DD and DN’s (nephew) rooms. All bags of clothes and knick nacks have gone into the spare room. I will be sorting that room last. Once DD has gone to uni I will be deep cleaning her space, DN’s is already done.

I also cleared the shed on the  allotment. It looked like it had been burgled. I think, like DDs and DNs rooms, it may be over two years since I did this. It was really messy and took three hours.

Measuring up this month for a new kitchen and small remodel of downstairs.

Personal Growth:  Its been busy at work as someone has been on holiday from the team most weeks over the last few months. I have caught up with piles of paperwork however and feel better for it now my ‘to do’ pile is minimal.

Since coming back off hols myself a few weeks ago I have got involved in several projects, all inter related. Two of thse are projects I have wanted to do but never got started due to time commitments and lack of confidence. However someone else has had the time and energy so I am tagging along and putting in my two pennys’s worth.

My Learning Set’s project also meets for the second time this month with the management lead. I am very happy that this has started getting off the ground as I felt that nothing would change.

I cannot tell you how much all this means to me. I have more confidence and know I have the ability to influence things in a positive way at work. If you has asked me only a few years ago I would have avoided it all despite my wanting to do good.

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