Current Themes – An Update


Its been a few months since my usual update. Life has been hectic but good. So here it is for August.

Health and Fitness: So the big thing about fitness was sleep or lack of it. Well things have turned around massively since starting on the venlafaxine about 6 weeks ago. Although it had been prescribed I was waiting for a weekend where I wouldn’t be driving and if it made me drowsy I didn’t have to worry about it. I am happy to say that things have improved. Its a minor miracle. From waking every hour hot and horrible I am only waking every 2 to 3 hours. I even had a 5 hour stretch a few nights ago. The knock one effect is more energy and I am not eating as much. I have lost about half a stone in weight and do not need the all the rubbish I was eating. Activity levels, stamina and strength are much better. I am not going to bed at 9.30 any more. I am still tired sometimes but not fatigued in the way I was. When I have a nap I recover better. Not dieting yet as I am on holiday for a few weeks so will start cutting down after then.

Making Money: I have just about stopped all money making activities for the summer. Life is too short to be stuck inside when the sun is shining and I have a lot of stuff I want to do that hasn’t been done because of tiredness. Back to it when it is dark at night and I have nothing better to do.

On a positive note I have a savings plan that is finishing this month and the amount paid back plus interest will get paid straight off the mortgage.

Prepping: Have had a clearout of the camper van and realise I have 4 alternative cooking hobs that run on gas, all with cylinders plus a BBQ. I noticed a water leak last week at the end of my road but didn’t worry as I already had water put by in case our supply was shut off for a few days.

I have been thinking about money a bit lately. I have a small amount of cash in the house but I think I will build it up in case of problems with access like we have had occasionally in the last few years. Also shops can’t accept cards if they have no electricity.

There has been a lot of discussion about the cash economy over the last few months in relation to the gig economy but also tax. You would think it is a crime to be paid in cash, or to pay for something in cash. One man stated he hadn’t used cash directly in years. All very well but a little short sighted I feel.

Decluttering and Minimising: Well, got to be honest, not done anything bar drop a few books in at various places at work and at a festival I went to last week. No matter. Will be back to it soon.

Personal Growth:  The leadership course has now finished culminating in a presentation to the Chief Exec’s Representative. My little group has been tasked with developing a skills course that we felt was missing sponsored by the Chief Exec’s Rep. Apparently he will not only sponsor us but actually be involved.

This course has been an excellent thing for me to have done. Firstly I understood everything they were telling us and actually believed most of it already. They put into word and figures what I know which was satisfying. Its allowed me to develop some contacts across the Trust, and my little learning set will be long term friends. I have the chance to make a Trustwide differernce in a practical way which will be ongoing for a year or two I think.

Overall it has improved my confidence which was already at an all time high.

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