Cancer Update: 2 Years Gone Already

This time two years ago I found a lump in my breast. It didn’t hurt but I knew what it could be.

A year ago I returned to work after the surgery and treatments. Boy does time fly.

In that year I have gone from being hardly able to walk to working my full hours and maintaining the garden, allotment and house as before, well almost.

You see, I had no idea how my fitness would be affected by it all. I am still struggling a little bit but at least I know the reason why. Mostly it has to do with sleep or lack thereof.

I am lucky though, I am still here and as far as I know clear of cancer. Can’t ever be fully sure until they produce a blood test like they have for prostate cancer. Until something occurs to make me think otherwise, I am happy to be here.

I have had my 6 month check up recently and got some good advice about taking the tamoxifen at night. This was about three weeks ago and things have definitely improved. The night sweats have reduced to waking me every few hours. Much better.

In the same vein my GP prescribed venlafaxine, an antedepressant that has the side effect of reducing the night sweats. I haven’t tried them yet. I will let you know.

Apart from the intermittent fatigue and general wekness still, all is good. I am in a good place mentally at the moment and am enjoying life.

I am even starting to think about proper excercise. this is in anticipation of going on the next drug, anastrazole, which may decrease my bone density, and because I have put on weight.  I was already well over weight but the sleeping issue has caused me to eat more.

So there it is. not much of an update as life has gone on as if nothing happened…………

which is fine by me.


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