Current Themes – An Update

A brief look at how things are going and where I want to be with life.

Health and Fitness: Still having very disturbed sleep. I lost my Fitbit so can’t see how bad it is in black and white but certainly I am waling every hour. Happily i may now be on the road to improvement.

I finally got to see my GP a few weeks ago but I hadn’t taken the info I had on venlafaxine as a treatment for menopausal sweating. I finally got to see her again today and she has prescribed this antidepressant at its lowest level. This is not a route I would have gone down but nearly everything else affects oestrogen levels. Not a risk I want to take.

Overall, when I get enough sleep, by going to bed at 9pm usually, I am doing plenty and keeping busy. I have even lost a bit of weight.

Making Money: Still doing OK but slowed down. I am too tired to do loads of surveys plus its too nice to be stuck in on a computer. No big wins but over the last month earnt enough to pay for a storytelling festival I am going to in July.

Prepping: The events of the last few weeks have had me and DH discussing escape routes. It doesn’t take long to bung up Derby with traffic.

Decluttering and Minimising: Decluttering has slowed down due to being away a bit but also I am spending more time on the Allotment when I can. Energy levels have to be managed so that means one thing at a time. Frustrating but necessary.

Personal Growth:  The leadership course continues. I am in a good place right now and hope to keep it like that.

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