Decluttering and Minimalism

Just recently I have had a bit of a breakthrough with my attitude to the clutter and collections of stuff I have. My house is heaving with craft stuff, books, ornaments, clothes, stuff other people gave me to get rid of…..which I hung onto, just in case.

We are about to start the process of replacing the kitchen and our DD is off to uni in a few months time. This means we can thnk about down sizing. To do that we need to move a lot of stuff.

My relationship with stuff has been a life long affair. We didn’t have much as children but boy could we shop…….at the local jumble sale. Charity (thrift) shops were too expensive.

Over the years I have upsized and so has the amount of stuff I hauled about. I arrived in Derby with a suitcase and a carrier bag, and a lot of the case was taken up with books and pictures for my wall.

My house is now four bedroomed with large shelves all over. Things are stashed in nooks and crannies, under beds and sets of draws, in and on wardrobes across the whole house.

I can’t blame any one else, nearly all of it is mine.

Soooo things are achanging. With DD leaving and may end up living abroad after uni, I am realising that some of the stuff I have has been sitting around for an awful long time. It is time it went. Which is the problem.

I am not a thrower. I can let things go well enough but items have to go somewhere usful or be recycled. I have rubbish sheets I can’t let go because I don’t want them to go to landfill. Old quilts well past their usefulness but sitting waiting to be rehomed; you get the picture.

A few weeks ago we cleared the garage and emptied out most of the loft. This was a great thing to do. We got rid of a load of rubbish to the tip but was left with a few choice items.

Since then we have listed a load of stuff on Gumtree. I never bothered before after my experiences with ebay. I grew to hate selling online. Well things are going out the door fast, and for real money. I can’t believe it.


Dummy1Round Mirror2

A set of drums went to a requester on Freegle.


In addition to larger items for sale I am finding homes for lots of craft stuff. The hospital dementia care team have taken card, buttons and ribbons. Wool I gave to my MiL is going to make fiddle muffs, also for dementia patients.

This is the sort of thing:


A load of fabric items like sheets and shirts are labelled up to go to my local Cancer Research shop labelled as rags.

I gave my MiL four bags of bits for her church summer sale and a further four to the local charity shop.

Most charity shops won’t take old sci fi and fantasy but a local church hall has agreed to sell them for the upkeep of their building.

I know I sound all excitable but it really is a relief to not have this stuff rotting away, dying in storage or just gathering dust.

The best thing is that I have missed nothing that has gone so far. This shouldn’t be a surprise but it still annoys me that I took so long to get started.


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