Current Themes – An Update

A brief look at how things are going and where I want to be with life.

Health and Fitness:When I wrote last month I had started using antidepressants to help me sleep. Well they did ok but I was too sleepy next day and they didn’t reduce the hot sweats which is what I was after.

I have been feeling better though, a bit more energetic. This has been achieved by going to bed earlier and getting a catnap in before DH comes up. Not ideal but better than nothing.

I have a long term back problem which I set off with overdoiing it with my new battery powered strimmer. I was laid up for a few days but amd now nearly back to normal. Iknew I was going to suffer after an hour of strimming but I was having such a good time


Making Money: Had a good month with the surveys again but best win this month has been the child benefits that has been repaid following it being stopped in March. That money really makes a difference to our finances.

I have been looking to the future and realise that I can pay off the mortgage in three years time, about 6 years before intended. All part of my FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early goals).

Prepping: At the moment this is base around decluttering and minimising. I would like to downsize when my DD has left home and so have five years or so I think to prep the house and clear all the stuff she will never want.

Decluttering and Minimising: Massive decluttering going on here. Tioday a van seat and a drumkit are going. I hope to have sold a mannequin which I got for a never done project sold in the next few weeks too. I am using Gumtree.

I found 2 good places for my other craft clutter. Some is going to the dementia care worker at the hospital for craft sessions and some is going to the local Scrapstore:

Also this week I found out that my local Cancer Research charity shop takes bags of poor quality fabrics and clothes for rags. They get about £4.00 for a binliner. I am so happy about this as I have a pile of unloved sheets that are of no use to me but not saleable. I already have a box of rags for cleaning and sheets for decorating.

Personal Growth:  Each passing month I feel more confident. I ‘clicked’ when giving a teaching session a few weeks ago and seem to have lost my fear. Not something I bargained on but lack of confidence has held me back all thses years, and now it doesn’t.

I have a lot more to say so I am going to break it down into some posts over the next few weeks.

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