Current Themes – An Update

A brief look at how things are going and where I want to be with life.

Health and Fitness:

After taking an age to get an appointment with the GP I finally got to talk about my sleep issues. He prescribed me a mild anti depressant. This is not because I am depressed it is just to help me sleep through the wakefulness. I am happy to report improved sleep although my fit bit tells me I am moving around as much as I was, I don’t notice it as much or care about it.

Eating and tiredness have always gone hand in hand with me. Since starting the pills my appetite has reduced to a more normal level, so I hope it leads to some steady weight loss.

I had my blood pressure done and it was up. I have done it at work since and it is back to normal, a case of ‘white coat syndrome’ I guess.

I was talking to a breast cancer friend last week who was moved off tamoxifen onto something else which improved the menopausal symptoms. If they offer me this I will try it; I may be able to lose the anti depressant altogether then.

I just have to look at how I was this time last year to realise how far I have come.

Making Money: Had a good month with the surveys but light nights are drawing me outside so I may be taking a break for a while from them. Did get a several hundred pound rebate from my car insurance provided because they had charged me twice for my husband to be on it over the last four years. Very happy with that.

Prepping: Wills now done and signed off. next is a contact sheet for me, DH, FiL and MiL in case the worst should happen.

Decluttering and Minimising: DS1 has moved out again but the room of doom remains a mess. DS3 and I got a load of stuff down from the loft a few weeks ago. I am slowly trawling though it and burning, binning and bagging for the charity shop. Four big boxes of books are slowly being sorted and given away. It is handy working in the hospital as I am delivering a bagful here and there to different departments for their booksales.

Personal Growth:  I have been on a further date on the leadership course plus doing a session called an Action Learning Set. This is where a small group bring issues and problems for you to work through. It has a coaching element where you come up with your own answers rather than them giving advice. Also had the first of three coaching sessions. I found this a bit more difficult. Overall I am recognising that I have grown a lot over the last few years, not just because of the cancer, it started before then.

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