Current Themes – An Update

A brief look at how things are going and where I want to be with life.

Health and Fitness: Walking further, doing more, getting some fresh air. All good steady progress.

No weight loss as I haven’t been trying.

Hoping to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow re the menopause symptoms, specifically the hot flushes that are still keeping me awake. The last few nights have been 45 minute nights, e.g. waking every 45 minutes, and that is unsustainable. Talking to others about my sleep issues has revealed that many people I know do not sleep well at all. There are many reasons but most people I speak to still haven’t worked out what the problem is.

Making Money: Still doing well although the reason I wanted to make money, travelling, has been put on hold. I do want a new kitchen and the downstairs of my house reorganised so it is worth continuing. As it gets lighter and warmer though I will stop online stuff as I prefer to be out in the garden or on the allotment.

Prepping: Nothing to report this month.

Decluttering and Minimising: DS1 moved back in so all decluttering on hold as he is in the spare room/dumping ground. Had a party last week though and the decluttering has meant the house is easier and quicker to clean. What would once have been six hours of hell; tidying and cleaning has now turned into half an our of dusting and vacuuming. What a relief.

Personal Growth:  I started the leadership course last month and find that I actually enjoyed it. The excercises were interesting. It is good to reflect on what you are actually good at and observing others. I also find that I am less accepting of what I see or hear. I see that most people, like I was, are followers. Seeing how I was a only two years ago and how I am now I can see that I have made progress. I can also see that I have more to do.


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