Trip Report: Barcelona: Part 3

Finally got to finish my report of our trip to Barcelona a few weeks ago. It seems along time ago but I have very fond memories.

So we headed off to the Sagrada Familia. I came here with my girlfriends  some time ago now and was really impressed by its scale and beauty. The Sagrada Familia is known throughout the world because it was designed by Gaudi and it is still being built. I have done my best with pictures but I could fill a book with photos and still not do the place justice.

20170110_sagrada big front.JPG

There are four different sides to this lovely building. I haven’t got them all. This is the first entrance and represents the nativity.

Here are a few closeups of the door that was much plainer when I was last here:

We were lucky yo get such a clear picture as we were there early and it was not so crowded. Later there would have been too many people to get a clear shot.

Inside was impressive by the use of light and oddly shaped columns that divided into three as they reached the lofty heights. The whole place has a sense of light and colour:

Everywhere you look there is the beautiful and unusual. Here are the back doors:


Finally, if you get the chance and aren’t afraid of heights, take a trip up one of the towers. We went up the nativity tower to see the roof which is still under construction. There is a lot more up here than last time I came:

Finally some of the newer more modern stonewrok outside the ‘back door’


I will stop now and leave with a final view from over the road from the Sagrada.



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