Trip Report: Barcelona: Part 2

To continue……

The next day, our first full day, we took a walk from the hotel towards the sea, and the Marinas. It was a slow amble along the grid system that makes up most of the city. You can’t hurry because of all the pedestrian crossings on each corner. Once we worked out that we could cross on a flashing light we sped up some.

On the way we spotted a cat and some parakeets in street called Ravel.




There was a small cafe that sold just about everything for a Euro so we had a coffee there.


The Marina and sea front is modern and lovely. Full of shops but really we were more interested in seeing the sea, the boats and just chilling. We liked the bridge that takes you over to the shopping area, it pivots to let tall ships through.


Walking along the sea front we discovered a moored boat which still plys the waters but is over a hundred years old. We could get on for three euros and have a look round. It was well kept and lovely. To add to the atmosphere we had an English couple sing  a full sea shanty. They are travelling Europe in their camper van. This  something I want to do. Travel in my campervan, not sing at the drop of a hat, that would ruin anybody’s day.



All over the city we spotted statues and sculptures like this unusual pair looking out to sea.

After all this walking I was a bit tired so we headed back to our rooms, preserving our energy for The Sagrada Familia. More to follow

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