Charity of the Month – Aquabox

One of the things I want to do this year is make more directed donations to charities I want to support. In my local shopping area we have 5 different charty (thrift) shops which I donate to and buy regularly from. There are other charities that don’t get the same exposure, accessiblity or support.

Water is the gift of life. In many areas of the world, expecially where there is war or natural disaster the risk of dying from contamininated water is high. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

My first charity is Aquabox.

Aquabox is a charity that is based local to me in Derbyshire and produces thousands of boxes of equipment so people across the world at times of crisis have access to clean drinking water. The whole thing is run by volunteers.

Here is the link:

An Aquabox Gold box contents:

  • AquaFilter Family
  • Robust, custom-designed box with varied uses
  • 2 survival bags
  • Instructional “cartoon”
  • Filled with new, specially purchased, humanitarian goods

This will support a family of 5 to have clean water for 18 months.

Finally, in case of doubt, I have actually tested the effectiveness of the filter at a local carnival. The water they filtered looks like it came from the local river but after filtering was clear and fresh tasting. I didn’t get ill afterwards either.


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