Current Themes – An Update

First look for 2017 at how things are going and where I want to be with life.

Health and Fitness: Well I got a Fitbit for Christmas, lucky me. I have been wearing it for a week now and excercise wise there are few surprises. As it happens this one also monitors sleep. I knew I wasn’t sleeping well due to the hot sweats, aches and pains etc but I had no idea that I was turning over 13 times a night! In short I am not getting enough sleep which is a cause for concern. Sleep is my my first health target for 2017. Have sleep will feel more energetic and everything else will be better. Poor sleep affects everything long term including the state of your heart and diabetes risk. So early sleeps and catnaps are on the agenda for a while at least. Planning activity and managing energy levels continues.

I WILL NOT be going on a diet in January but I will be cutting down. I am the same weight I was this time last year and the twenty other years before that. Sleep first and then weight.

Making Money: The main reasons for me saving, apart from financial security, were to pay off the mortgage before I retire and to take a career break from work for a year in 2018. Things have changed and the trip is now off the table at least until my DH settles in his new job. Money is still being save and diverted towards paying off the mortgage and also for a houseful of repairs and a new kitchen in 2017. I have decided to donate to a charity once a month. Possibly different ones every month. They will be small or local charities.

Prepping: Wills not yet signed off as they have to be adjusted. First job on the task list for 2017. I will be doing an emergency contact card for all cars, house and work in case the mobiles don’t work or we lose them and need to make a call.

Decluttering and Minimising: More mountains of stuff, most of it edible, came into the house at Christmas. I will be eating a little here and there but not binging like I have done in the past. I am wrapping some boxes for the Christmas box schemes I usually donate to in October but never have the time to properly do. This year some will be going to a local women’s refuge. A lot of it will be directed to local charity shops and people in need. I have a huge clearout to do which has generated a massive list. To complete it I will be doing 10 minutes work a day like I did last year. Once the house is cleared a bit I can concentrate on the renovations I want doing. I just don’t want to keep moving stuff around.

Personal Growth: Things have been a bit chaotic round here for a few months but things are settling down now. Thank goodness. Things at work are OK despite one of the key members of the team being off long term. I start the leadeship course in February. I had a phone call asking whether the course was from me from one of the organisers. I had to argue my case and am now on it. So all is good and 2017 is going to be another year of growth.

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