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Trip Report: Barcelona: Part 2

To continue…… The next day, our first full day, we took a walk from the hotel towards the sea, and the Marinas. It was a slow amble along the grid system that makes up most of the city. You can’t … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Barcelona: Part 1

A report in several parts otherwise it will be a very long post. My DH was 50years old last week so we took a week off and went to Barcelona for a city break, Monday toi Friday. The choice was … Continue reading

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Walking: Penguin Like

As I mentioned earlier this month I have a new FitBit thingy that records steps, miles and sleep (among other things if you want it to). Also this month I committed to walking the distance of Hadrians Wall, 85 miles. … Continue reading

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Charity of the Month – Aquabox

One of the things I want to do this year is make more directed donations to charities I want to support. In my local shopping area we have 5 different charty (thrift) shops which I donate to and buy regularly … Continue reading

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Where am I now? Life After Treatment

I thought it would be a good idea to lay out where I am now in terms of health following treatment for breast cancer. It seems I am going through the ‘year ago today’ stage. I do something and think … Continue reading

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Fit? Not a Bit

This Christmas my lovely DH gave me a ‘Fitbit’ It was on my wishlist  but so expensive for what it is I was just going to save Amazon vouchers for it. What my version shows is the simple things like … Continue reading

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Getting Ahead

Every year I say I will send off some of those Christmas boxes to kids in need. Every year October comes and I remember but have never go my act together enough to have get even one complete box ready … Continue reading

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Current Themes – An Update

First look for 2017 at how things are going and where I want to be with life. Health and Fitness: Well I got a Fitbit for Christmas, lucky me. I have been wearing it for a week now and excercise wise … Continue reading

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