Looking Backward – Looking Forward

It is the last day of 2016  and I am taking a moment to look at the last year but also to look forward to the year to come.

I once heard a story that opened with something like ‘when you walk along a path one way when you walk back along it the other way it doesn’t look the same.’ I think when you are travelling through life this is very true.


Looking Back: This time last year I was in a bit of a state; under the chemo cosh. As the months progressed I felt worst and more poorly; eventually so weak that to make a cup of tea was an achievement.

Once chemo had finished and the trend started to reverse. I slowly improved physically as I went through radiotherapy and returned to work.

My life stopped revolving around me and cancer and started to return to normal. I had a few weekends away with my DH where we walked and talked, visited London, Paris and Wales. Each break pushed me a bit further health wise and mentally gave us both a break.

Each passing month I see myself getting fitter and doing more, feeling more mentally and physically resilient. Going away with friends last month showed me how far I had come as I could mostly keep up with the walking we did.

In all I feel last year was a year of achievement and a finishing off of the worst aspects of treatment. The coming year I hope to be doing a lot more.

Looking Forward: 2017 is going to be a good year. I can feel it in my bones. I have lots I want to achieve, probably won’t get it all in but will try.

I can walk about 7 miles on the flat now but am still weak and lack stamina. This year I aim to get that fitness back to what it was before and preferably exceed it.

The house is going have some work done on it and I am going to get my long dreamed of wood burner.

I will be taking more holidays with friends. My DH is moving jobs so the idea of a career break is going to be on hold.

I will be working hard to continue to pay off the mortgage and intend it to be gone in the next five years when I retire. Another 50 months of so.

I want to write more and am in the process of writing my breast cancer story. I hope I can help others get through it all.

Finally I am still decluttering but this took a back seat over the last few months as other people have cleared stuff out to me. I have beens sorting and passing on and recycling as necessary but there is still a pile to go.

As for this blog, I will try to get in more. I will continue to keep up the monthly ‘current plan’ but also other stuff that I am into.

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