Current Themes – An Update

Here is my monthly look at my life and how its going and what I need to do. A bit behind schedule again as I trouble posting.

Health and Fitness: Just back from a break with friends in Tenerife. The winter sun, rest and good company did me the world of good. Energy levels are improving along with overall fitness. Managed to do a decent walk most days while away (approx 5 miles) Still have to ensure rest days. I have restarted the daily walk. I have done two miles at a fair speed for the last two nights. Day off from that today.
No weight loss (or gain). Cutting back on cake and other goodies which I started before my holiday.

Making Money: Carrying on in the same vein as I have for months now. Collecting little amounts that are building up into a decent amount. Best cash has been from buying insurance via TopCashback this month. Warning; it takes ages to get to you so no instant reward.

Prepping: Emergency bag completed and stored at allotment. Went to see solicitors to update wills a few weeks ago. This was long overdue as things have changed a lot over the last few years. We made a donation to McMillan in return for their time. Many solicitors do free wills for certain age groups or for charities. Worth checking out as its usually a lot cheaper and money goes to good causes too.

Decluttering and Minimising: Well I have got rid of some stuff, but took some in too. The spare room which nearly clear is filled again with more stuff; mostly my friends. Life also got in the way and a family member needed a temporary space to stay. Back to the 10 minute sessions which are having impact, again. Got to start saying no to stuff.

Personal Growth: Life is generally good after a rocky few months. with other people and their issues. I realise that my resilience isn’t what it used to be and that I can’t cope with it all like I used to, at least not for the time being. I have been saying no more frequently or redirecting people to get help. I haven’t been through all of the things I have been through to collapse now.

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