Current Themes – An Update

Here is my monthly look at my life and how its going and what I need to do. A bit behind schedule as i have been busy

Health and Fitness: Had a lovely holiday in Northumbria and Yorkshire August int September. Although still tired I was able to walk further and was a lot more active doing the things I like E.g. looking over castles, light houses and even nuclear bunker. All with steps to climb up and down. When I look back at how I was in London earlier this year I see a massive improvement although energy levels are still variable. Things have improved since the weather cooled down. Night Sweats with a high atmospheric temperature should be considered a form of torture.
No weight loss (or gain). Got a good run up to Christmas now so should take the opportunity to cut back.

More on post treatment health in a separate post.

Making Money: Continuing to save lots of small amounts of money which are adding up. Cashed in on a few survey sites but have stopped using for a while as I got bored and I have so much else to do. Its more of an activity when I have nothing else planned or a spare half hour, or if the weather is horrible.
Money cycling for interest is going well. I spend about an hour a month keeping track and making sure all the money moves as it should, been caught out a few times especially t the end of the month or when its been a leap year or bank holiday. Happily I have enough money in all my accounts so if a payment doesn’t move then I don’t get bank charges.
I paid a chunk of money off my mortgage this month. I have two mortgages: the main one  and an additional one which I had for an extension about 5 years ago. Although interest rates are low, and my monthly payment has dropped I still want to see this one gone. In three years it has gone down from £25000 to £13000 as I make a regular over payment and then some more if I can. I hope to get rid of the last of this in the next two years, before I go off for my grown up gap year. The other part of the mortgage wills stay put and I will finish that one off in the years between going back to work after my year off and retirement, another 2 years. Of course nothing in life is set in stone as life has a habit of getting in the way of best laid plans.

Prepping: This month I have been started listing the stuff I need for various bags I will have around in case of  emergency. I intend to have one at work, the allotment and in the car. Ideally they should have a change of clothing, medicines and food, water and a small amount of cash.
Here and there being prepared has helped over the last few years. Most recently this week I was at the allotment this week and a fellow allotmenteer got badly stung by wasps. I have a decent first aid kit over there which includes antihistamines which I gave him, also calm him down as he suffers with anxiety and was getting very stressed. Being prepared is about skills as much as it is about kit. First aid training is well worth the time and money.

Decluttering and Minimising: Did a massive decluttering of the spare room over the last few weeks. There was just so much stuff I had to go through. I have taken loads to the charity shop, had some collected via freecycle and just given stuff away to friends. It is not complete yet but I have routinely done 10 to 15 minutes a night with good effect. In the old days I would have tried to do it all in one go and stopped overwhelmed and exhausted.
Not only have I done the spare room, but also cleared out one of the sheds that I hadn’t looked at for a few years. Again the contents redistributed and it looks a lot better.
Along with my own sorting I have been helping a friend with anxiety issues and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME like) to help pack her house up for a move. In the summer we started by clearing and preparing her house for sale and sorted some stuff but now there is a lot of pressure on as she is moving on the 11th. DH and I took a wardrobe to pieces for her and I have been to pack up a few times with her but it is slow going.  She is making sure she doesn’t take stuff she doesn’t want and so is doing a lot of sorting as she goes.
Parts of the wardrobe are being recycled on my allotment.

Personal Growth: I have managed to maintain confidence at work, put forward two projects I want to do and started doing the prep work. I am also analysing data from an audit I did before I was off sick. I did the audit at the same time as last year when I did the other one which one awards, but never had the time to do the analysis.
I have been hitting one year anniversaries for diagnosis and surgery and will talk about that in a separate post.
Overall I am happy and content most of the time. I am making progress in all areas that are important right now. Can’t say better than that.

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