Current Themes: An Update

Here is my monthly look at my life and how its going and what I need to do.

Health and Fitness: Overall fitness levels continue to improve although I had one of those weekends where I couldn’t keep my eyes open last weekend. My social life has been a bit busy and working full time has take its toll. Got to slow it down a bit and get more rest.

I have been building strength by hauling water around the allotment, speed is something else. I never was a fast walker but even less so now. I don’t think the lack of sleep helps at all. Oh for a full nights sleep.

No joy with dieting or even cutting down just now. It takes energy which I haven’t got.

Making Money: Happy to report that I got my back pay last week. I have been back for two months but was still on half pay.

I have now opened a TSB account for the money to sit in earning interest at 5%. Once I can cycle £500 in a month they will let me open a regular saver for another 6% into which will go £250.00 a month. The other £250 will go into a similar account attached to another bank account. It take some sorting out but the gains for relatively little work all contributes. Its free money after all, what is there not to like?

I am coming up to payout on some survey sites which will add a little bit more. Got some cash back from returned items (damaged) and my DD bus pass which she doesn’t need and had £12 on it still.

Best saving technique this month has been account tidy ups. Every time I look at my bank account on line I round up my account so closing balance ends with a 5 or a 0. Been doing this on the joint account too and it has contributed massively to our holiday this year.

Prepping: Started  making room for some stores. Put a few bits of food over the allotment along with drinking water.

Decluttering and Minimising: Some clearing done. Hope to empty my craft wardrobe and move it into DD room for hanging clothes. Some of that will definitely go on Freecycle.

Personal Growth: Performance review went well with a huge pat on the back from my boss for the award winning work I did before I was off sick. Got some projects I want to do and have applied for a leadership course.

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