Current Themes – An update

Here is my monthly look at my life and how its going and what I need to do.

Health and Fitness: Since last writing I have been very fortunate in that I have been both to Paris and a festival. Both times I needed to walk and climb numerous steps. Each time I found my general fitness levels increasing and I have more energy.

I am much better when the temperature is less than 25 degrees so for sometime this month I was unable to do much as it was too hot.

On the food front I have cut down a bit on the bad stuff but it has been an exceptional month at work and home for cake.

Making Money: Still on half pay which is frustrating. I have managed to make some money doing surveys and found a site that pays pretty well. Its a good job as due to my passport being out of date Paris was £300 more expensive. Oh well.

Prepping: Water store swapped and increased so I have three days worth. I have got clothes at work and the allotment for emergencies as well as some of my daily medicines. Just need some in the car now.

Decluttering and Minimising: Done very little of this. Did take a load of stuff back to a friends house. I was storing it while she got herself sorted after leaving her husband. it is good to have the space back. I took several bags of books to work, sharing them among colleagues and the rest went to various departments I pass each day.

I have been doing better with decluttering at work. I am trying to keep my desk clear and put things away before I go home. it is working. I have done this to the desk I sit at at home too. Everything in the draws when I finish. I love coming to a clear table.

Personal Growth: I lay awake the other day thinking about all that I had been through this last year in particular. I thought of how I would view someone else doing it the way I had done and for the first time thought to myself: I AM AWESOME. So now I have given myself a big head and a huge pat on the back, it is time to get on with life. I think the trip to Paris drew a line under it all for me. I have my performance review tomorrow and I am going to ask to go on a leadership course.


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