A Weekend in Paris and a New Start

This week DH and I took a little break to Paris. it wasn’t as stress free as we had planned seeing as I found my passport had run out three months ago the night before we were to go.

We were celebrating 20 years of marriage and initially had planned a small trip to Chester in our campervan. Then I found there were Eurostar tickets for £29.00 and I thought  ‘why not?’ I had it all booked including the accommodation which was not cheap. Only later did we find out it was Euro 2016 which may not have helped the price. It certainly made me a bit nervous about going watching all the new reports of supporter violence.

After a lot of working out and me throwing a wobbly over my own incompetence we spent £400 more than we meant to and paid for a night we didn’t use at a hotel. We took a side trip to Peterborough and ended up in Paris 24 hours later than planned.

All that said it was a lovely trip and we still had a great time. We did a LOT of walking. I was a bit worried as I had been OK on the flat but stairs were awful. There were a lot of stairs and I took them all. Our room was on the fourth floor and I went up all of those stairs several times a day too.

If you are ever in Paris I recommend The Louvre, but put some very comfortable shoes on and don’t expect to see it all in a day. The Centre Pompadou was more manageable but not as grand. We walked everywhere hand in hand, stopped to rest when tired; to eat and drink as necessary.

This trip sort of marks the end of my recovery period and from tomorrow I am back at work doing my full 32 hour week.

It is a peasant way to draw a line under it all although I know that I am not totally finished I feel fitter than I have in a long time.

The next significant break we are having starts towards the end of August. I have 8 weeks to lose a bit of weight and tone up, build up muscle and cardiac fitness. I am setting no firm targets apart from to cut back specifically on cakes and biscuit and to move more. I may even go back to my walking challenges that helped maintain fitness during chemo.

The real main priority is managing sleep though, once I have that mastered and I can get more than an hour at I time, I will be on a roll.

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