Current Themes – An update

Here is my monthly look at my life and how its going and what I need to do.

Health and Fitness: Things have improved dramatically since a month ago when I got puffed going up the stairs at work. I have spent several weekends gardening, I am going to work OK (and managing the stairs). Carb cutting isn’t quite going to plan but I am definitely eating less bread and spuds. Got a lot of work to do here and I will get there, just need a bit more recovery time.

Making Money: I have managed to stay within my spending budget and have been doing surveys and account tidy ups. I have managed to save just under £100 this month, some of that is from banking £2  and 50p coins saved up over the last few months. Not too shabby as I am still on half pay. hope this goes back up at the end of June.

Main areas on the money front are: pay off the mortgage before I am 55. Take a year out to travel and to have enough in the bank to retire at 55.

Prepping: Started work on phone numbers and reassessing my water and food store. I want a bag in the car and at the allotment with spare clothes, cash, a bit of food and spare medicines. I have spare meds at the allotment and at work, where I have spare uniform but could do with a spare set of clothes there too. The spare uniform got used twice in the last year (once for a photo to do with work the day after  my second op).

Decluttering and Minimising: I have done very well with decluttering this month especially as I was given about 50 books. I sorted through them and took out a few but the rest are in the boot of my car, going to work to be distributed around the hospital outpatient book shelves. Also gone are things for the allotment, a load of stuff to MiL’s church fair, the allotment open day and the charity shop. More clearance over the next month.

Personal Growth: The return to work has made me realise a few things about me and my abilities. There were some things I didn’t realise I did well before I was off and now know that actually I was good. In my job you juggle a lot of information from different sources and package them up so you can make sense. It is a skill I didn’t know I had. The other thing is that I work well under pressure, support a lot of people in small ways, roll with the punches and I am a fine juggler. For many years I have had no self belief. I have always felt like a mouse, frightened of making mistakes. I felt a fraud to be in such a good job, the best sort of job for me. I can’t say the lack of confidence has been totally squashed, but it has definitely faded. Go Me.


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