Back to Work – an update

I have been back at work for a few weeks now and thought I would share with you how I was getting on.

Mainly things have been OK. I have nearly reached my usual 32 hour week and although tired at times have managed to stay awake and purposeful all the time I am there. I had a day where I couldn’t keep awake once I had got home and I ended up having lie in the next day, fortunately I was off.

I am a bit more bedded in and my brain seems to be working at the speed it did when I went off. In my job you have lots of information from various sources which you mentally sort and package. This folks is a major skill I didn’t know I had. My thinking since my return has been so slow I wondered how I managed before.

I have been having nearly whole days where I haven’t seen anyone new, so just normal conversations about normal stuff. Nice and easy. There were a few people who hadn’t seen me for a while and didn’t know why. I am telling them a short version of my story and then moving on.

My main issues are actually around sleep now. I am waking a lot in the night. maybe 10 to 15 times with aches and pains but also night sweats. I was having these before all the treatment but I have been properly tipped into menopause in a very short time so the symptoms may be worst than normal, whatever that is. The oncologist thinks things will settle down.

A secondary issue remains the muscle weakness and general poor fitness. I have had an overall improvement over the last month but it is slow.

I am having to relearn myself. I am not the same person that went off sick 9 months ago. I am not so different but what I could do before easily is now hard work. Energy levels are up and down, and I have had moments where I have felt worn out or tearful. I know that it is normal and after a rest usually passes. As usual I am frustrated by the slowness of healing yet at the same time recognise my progress


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