A Weekend Away: my new life in a bag

My DH and I went a way to London over the weekend and it struck me again how I pack differently.

At one time it was the usual stuff: clothes, toiletries, books, teabags. never enough teabags in these hotel rooms.

In addition the bag now also contains tablets, make-up, something I didn’t wear before, a softee and my wig, I am wearing my other silicon breast as it is heavy  and I wear a hat because I am having lots of hot flushes at the moment. The final essential items are a flannel, for mopping my sweaty head and neck in the middle of the night in my steaming hotel room. Finally and essentially I put in a few fans, not the electric sort, the ones made form paper and a bottle of cold water. These last two items are lifesavers.

Then there is the planning; hotels and other destinations must not be far from underground stations as I can’t walk too far just yet. There must be places to sit along the way to wherever we go because I will need a rest. We must be prepared to take our time or I will be fit for nothing.

All these things I have learnt over the last eight months.

Having said all of that the trip was great. Allowing time meant we could enjoy people watching more, just passing the time of day on park benches and in coffee shops. We took time to look at buildings and statues we might have ignored another time. We took time to enjoy each others company.

In the end we did quite a lot and I walked further than I thought.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we have booked ourselves a trip to Paris next month. I hope to be a bit fitter for this next city destination. I intend to walk up all the 672 steps of the Eiffel Tower. Husband is aware and bracing himself for a long day.



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