Current Themes – An Update

Here is my monthly look at my life and how its going and what I need to do.

Health and Fitness: Just had a lovely weekend walking around London, slowly. Overall fitness has improved and I can walk further. Stairs still an issue but I am sure that will improve as I went back to work today and there are lot so stairs. Started walking with husband in the evenings.

I feel more alive both physically and mentally. I have started cutting carbs and although I know not to go mad I am trying to get to 150g per day and eat generally low fat.

Making Money: Well I have had two trips away and I am on half pay so not much saving going on. Have started to plan next level of savings now i am back at work. Won’t get full pay until the end of June unfortunately.

Prepping: Again, nothing much happening here. Been busy and really I need to make a plan to get the basics sorted e.g. 3 days worth of food and water in the house, extra meds for emergencies and printed out contact details updated along my will.

Decluttering and Minimising: Done some of this but need to do more. been out and about a lot, mostly travelling up and down the country, going to lunch and the allotment. Did help a friend clear out a load of stuff last week. I took a load of her stuff for the charity shop and that has now been passed on.

Personal Growth: back at work last week for a morning and then to go in twice this week. I went today and its OK. Not had chance to do much yet as have been in two two hour meetings. I am not feeling worried at all, almost as if I have no fear. This may be good for me as anxiety about work has kept me awake most of the time in the last few years. Feeling more optimistic as lately I have been suffering from the ‘why bother’ blues.




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