Current Themes – An Update

I missed this in March because of feeling so bad after chemo. much better now.

Health and Fitness: I am generally getting fitter but it is slow. I can walk further and last longer performing tasks. I have been on the allotment and gardening at home plus shopping and housework are all getting done. Each task just has to be done at a slower pace than I am used to. To be honest I am still happy. I have moved on from the point where making a cup of tea would be my achievement for the day. i am nearly at the point where I will do walking as exercise again. I am still fighting tiredness, muscle aches and pains and poor sleep.

Making Money: I have been doing some surveys and spending an hour a day on earning sites, that is all I am able and willing to do. At the end of last month I got my first reduced pay packet. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be as Statutory Sick Pay was added. If things go as planned I hope to be back at work at the end of this month or the beginning of May. Happily, because of the planning for the year out, I have a good savings pot if needed. I hope not to dig too deep into it though.

Prepping: Had a discussion with DH the other night about how we would cope without electricity. In our house we cook on gas and have gas central heating. If the power fails we have no heating. We could cook on the BBQ and the camping cooker but we have a big house and mid winter would be cold. I have been working on a new downstairs plan as we are going to install a new kitchen this year, I have now found a spot for a wood burning stove, maybe one we can cook on. Going to replace water bottles this month. I want at least 3 days worth of drinkable water and am looking at ways of making rainwater potable (drinkable).

Decluttering and Minimising: Not surprisingly, very little has been done. We have had all the documentation delivered from a group we head. We are closing it down and so have minimised what we are storing in the hope of passing it on to the local studies library or the organisation we are part of. At least the efforts made before I got ill have meant ease of cleaning the lounge and bathrooms, hallways and kitchen. I started on the spare room of doom last week so that will be the next focus of activity.

Personal Growth: I can’t say I have had any insights this last month. Just enjoying the moments when I feel OK and plodding though the rest.

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