Current Themes – An Update

It is the start of the month and the time has come to do my monthly audit of how it is all going.

Health and Fitness: 

Things aren’t too bad in this area. The ups and downs of chemotherapy have taken their toll on my overall fitness and despite the walking I did am still the same weight and have similar energy levels. I  think it will be a while before I will see progress but seeing as I only have one more chemotherapy session to go I am quite OK about this. Patience and Pacing are two virtues I am cultivating very well. This does not mean I have been doing nothing. I have been clearing clutter, helping a friend clear her clutter as she is moving in the summer and has s chronic tiredness condition that means her house is a mess. At the weekend I went to visit family in Manchester to organise their move today.

Making Money:

Now back to doing surveys and searches for cash plus filled out the tax return to find I am owed £65 – all good because my plan to travel for a year is still on as far as I am concerned and I am going down to half pay in the next month or so. DH and I are also talking about major improvements on the house so I have to keep it up. While we are away my nephew will pay enough rent to cover the mortgage and bills;  that takes a small weight off my mind. I am saving so I still have the money in case he changes his mind.


This is on my to do list and not a priority right now.

Decluttering and Minimising:

I have a list of big tasks to be done before going back to work. I want the loft, garage, two sheds and my front spare room done. Nothing is actually being done because apart from being out a lot energy levels for big jobs are low. I have a load of paperwork to finish this week and then will do 10 mins a day on one of the above next week. Chemo side effects due to kick in this today.

Personal Growth: 

Optimistic and looking to the future. Have had many moments of happiness despite side effects the last few weeks. Still transforming….


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