Chemotherapy 5

Yesterday I completed the 5th of 6 chemotherapy sessions. Only ONE to go. This infusion was run at a slower rate and I had preemptive anti histamines and steroids in case of reactions. I went hot three times and although they checked me I was fine, normal hot flushes for me.

I feel fine today and have completed a small list of tasks already. I am off to my friend’s house for lunch and to pick up a burner bin for the allotment which I will drop off. Will need a nap when I get home but don’t expect to feel rubbish until Thursday night.

As each cycle goes by I have learnt to manage my symptoms better and better so I get the most out of the good times around it. I have only had to cancel one meetup with a friend and I have been out A LOT.

The only thing actually slowing me down now is aneamia. Not bad enough to for me to have a transfusion but enough to make me feel physically tired and breathless. Recovery from the Chemo 4 took a lot longer than I expected because of this.

I had a low moment last Monday when I couldn’t get going. I think it is partly because I am nearly at the end of chemo and want to get on with the next thing and get back to work. I had a letter from radiotherapy to come in for a chat next Monday and a CT on Wednesday. Radiotherapy usually starts about 4 weeks after the end of chemo; my last session is on the 22nd of Feb,  so that mean week starting 21st march. More info after my session next Monday and a general update over the next few days.

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