Chemotherapy 4 – an update

Side effects

So it is now Friday and I had my new chemo on Monday, and if I am honest things haven’t been bad despite being not straightforward.

Delivery of the treatment is now from a bag rather than syringes and should take an hour. Unfortunately at the standard rate I got a high temperature and massive hot flush, in other words a reaction. Fortunately I wasn’t breathless or ill in any way and the flush went of pretty quickly. They stopped the drip. Gave steroids, antihistamines and plain fluids for half an hour and restarted at a slower rate. After 20 mins another hot flush, same treatment and then a third.

The problem is that apart from the first time I couldn’t say definitely had a reaction as I am already having menopausal flushes, was before I found the lump and apart from a few weeks here and there, they have been pretty consistent. I didn’t get the whole bag of chemo and I won’t know what the plan is until I see the oncologist in a few weeks time.

The first few days after I was just tired and have now developed the promised aches and pains, managed on the lowest dose of codeine and paracetamol. I have had to cut the walking but managed half a mile a day still and hope as the side effects wear off over the next week I can get back on plan.

The worst things have been the night sweats, I was awake virtually all night with that on Tuesday and then Wednesday night I couldn’t get to sleep; due to the steroids I think. I feel much better after a good sleep last night I must say.

Despite all of the above I had a productive day yesterday. I cleaned the car out and did a load of washing, went into town with my daughter for an hour to get her some clothes.

Today the sun is shining and I plan to do a bit of clearing out of the spare room while my daughter and her friends finish watching a series of Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix. Already got the dishwasher and washing machine on, broke the ice on the water for the birds and put some food out.

As the weather is cold but sunny I hope to pull in  a mile for my challenge too.

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