A Walk in the Woods

Hadrian’s Wall Walk         6.2/85 miles walked

Well the walking isn’t quite as straight forward as I planned. I was very tired yesterday and only managed a 1 mile walk. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected to do a 3 mile walk every day after my health issues.

Today I have walked around a small local woodland and nature reserve. Despite the chill and the mud it was very beautiful Full of bare trees populated by hundreds of birds and squirrels. The place was alive. In the empty woodland the bird singing was especially clear. I just love walking round places like this but don’t do it often enough. It’s good for the soul.

I met a woman walking her dog. Her poor dog had cancer in it’s head and had only a few months to live and her husband had died 5 years before of kidney cancer. I think she just needed to talk. I felt very sad for her as her children are still only 12 and 16 and love the dog.

Here are some pics of the woodland:

Got 2 more miles planned for this evening then a short walk day tomorrow. Going on the current way things are going I won’t complete 85 miles but already I have walked just under 5 miles I wouldn’t have done before.

Today I did a load of ‘phone calls that I have been putting off which have got me £50.00 money back from a dress I sent back to the store in November. This is a ‘to do’ item that has been pending for a long time. I also got to see two friends today.


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