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Hadrian’s Wall Walk         2.8/85 miles walked

So after yesterday’s post I decided to go out and walk. There was a purpose: posting letters, checking on my in laws house while they are away. I managed 1.5 miles and  was totally worn out and had to have nap. The distance was all on the flat on footpaths and would have been easy before I had my diagnosis.

I am not disappointed though. I did more than I would have done had I not decided to go for a walk. In the evening I decided to try again, a different route and did another 1.3 miles.

In addition to the walk yesterday I did a big shop, some gardening and I have a cold. These are not excuses a but energy levels at the moment are finite.

I have to do an average of 3 miles a day to complete this challenge and I know there are going to be some days I am not going to do it, especially in chemo week. Not to worry though. Some is better than nothing and I do feel better for the fresh air.

To count my distance I am using a free route plotting site. It took about 5 minutes to get used to it and I have already saved my walk from last night on it. Here is a link:

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