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I don’t like walking without a purpose, at least not in circles around my local area; I got bored with it long ago. But then I had an idea. How about walking the equivalent distance each month of a long distant walking route?  It could be the Pennine Way or the Great Wall of China. I can walk it as I walk around and then add a few extra walks in to boost the distance.

While I am not at my best, small distances first. I am not walking far at the moment and my walking speed is real slow. I am not even walking 10,000 steps a day whilst off work although I achieve that most days in work.

So the next thing is what walk should I do?

Although based in Derby I have never walked The Pennine or the Midshires Way. They are both long walks and at this stage maybe a bit much for me to do in a month. I have always wanted to walk Hadrian’s wall. At 85 miles I think this is doable in a month.

Here is a link care of the  Long Distance Walkers Association:

And a further link:

If I can work up the energy I will write about my ‘experiences’ along the way.


This is a section of the wall not far from Housesteads Roman fort just over halfway along the route. Taken on a holiday in 2013.

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