Looking Back Looking Forward


This year has been a good year. Not what you expect to hear from a cancer patient but this is what you are getting.

This year was a game changer. I achieved more in the last 12 month than I have in the several years before.

I had the courage to end a toxic relationship.

I produced a piece of work that changed practice for the better where I work.

I stood up in front of people and talked about my work; believe me when I say I was right out of my comfort zone.

In addition my team won two awards for our work and my name was included on an article about it in a medical journal.

I have managed my allotment, made new friends, kept old friends, managed to continue to save for my year out in a few years time.

I coped with two surgeries and am half way through chemotherapy. I have a life changing condition and I have taken it in my stride.


I am looking forward to the New Year. By the end of February I will be finished with chemo and March will start radiotherapy.

I hope to be back at work by the end of March to carry on my work started in the last year.

As for the current themes I think they remain the same pretty much.

Health and Fitness: As I recover from treatment I want to get my fitness back. I have lost muscle tone and strength all over, my stamina isn’t what it was. I have already started on a plan which basically is meaningful movement. Activities that use energy and strength in small doses like working on the allotment, cleaning, gardening, decluttering. In the new Year I will start yoga with my daughter. I will look again at this in March.

Making Money: The activities around making money have fallen by the wayside. I am not unhappy about this as I was wasting a lot of time doing it and I think there are better ways to boost my income. I have reassessed my saving and developed a new strategy which includes cycling money through savings accounts and taking advantage of the 6% savings deals going on at the moment. I will have one of these 6% accounts end in Feb and with the money saved from that I will start several new ones.

Prepping: A lot of prepping activity has been about dealing with cancer. wigs, make up,  food for the family when I can’t cook. I want to go back to basics though and do important things like make a will, draw up a plan in case I die for the poor person having to deal with my estate. I will look again at this in March or April, as Chemo finishes and I aim to get back to work.

Decluttering and Minimising: I have stalled on this but over the last few weeks have been thinking about my business, what clutter and craft stuff I have and how the two can mutually used to help meet my decluttering goals. I have come up with a plan and have started to use my stash to make stuff to sell. I still have a loft full of stuff, a garage full of stuff, piles of things I will never use again. In the next three months this will all be sorted bit by bit, which is the only way I can work right now. Will look at this again in March/ April.

Personal Growth: This is one of those areas that are hard to quantify and develop a strategy for. As I journey thought the treatments I am constantly looking at ways to improve things. I have realised more the value of good friends and learnt how to be a good friend back. Not that I wasn’t before but I did put a wall around myself because I couldn’t cope with any more. I realise I don’t need stuff but I do need experiences, friendship, to give and to receive love. All I can do is report what happens as I go.

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