It is hard to understand for some how someone with cancer feel happy yet today I feel exactly that. Not just a bit happy, but actually joyful.

What has bought this on? Well getting out to the allotment, visiting friends and sunshine have all contributed but also I feel a bit better today than I did yesterday. It is a week since chemo and most of the side effects are so mild they can be ignored.

I have my freedom, I feel OK, I am not in debt and don’t need anything apart from the love of family and friends, I have a roof over my head and good food to eat. I was able to help someone out with a problem today and made their day. I sang in the car. I laughed out loud at something. Try doing that and still feel miserable.

I wasn’t even bothered by the boy racer who was pushing right up my bottom on the bypass, trying to get past at more than the speed limit.

I admit there are times when I feel rubbish and sorry for myself. The trick is to recognise it, say ‘OK’ you are allowed to feel rubbish and sorry for yourself but then DO SOMETHING even if it is for five minutes. Do some dusting or phone a friend, walk out of the front door and down the road for a few yards. Something you know will make you feel OK.

Don’t let misery stop you getting some joy out of life and know that joy can in very small packages.


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