Cancer Update – chemotherapy 3

So I have now had my third Chemotherapy session (on 21st). Christmas was low key as planned and I felt as rough as expected. I slept most of Christmas away.

The good thing is is that I am HALFWAY through the course now. This is good news and I can see myself maybe returning to work by the end of March. Hopeful but not planning too much on it.

As I have mentioned before, my course of treatment is in two stages. The first 3 chemotherapy sessions are a group of three drugs, the second set of 3 is mad of one drug; Taxotere. this has different side effects and I am told can make you feel more rubbish. I don’t know what it will be like, everyone is different. I just hope it won’t be too bad.

So hair seems to have done falling out, I have a fine fuzz on my head and wearing the wig has been OK for the best part. I have been wearing make up but as I don’t normally so I have to work at it.

The social life is great but I am now needing to step back a bit and have a bit of time alone. Of course everyone is at home over Christmas so I won’t be on my own until Tuesday 5th Jan. I have managed to get over the allotment and do a bit of digging and of course there was a lot to do in the run up ’til Christmas so spent time doing last minute shopping. this is not what I normally do. I usually have Christmas sorted in November.

Looking forward to the New Year with hope.

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