The fine art of procrastination

The fine art of procrastination……

Or never getting started.

There is a famous quote:

‘A Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’ lao tzu

And this is my thing. I have a load of things I want to do in life and this week even. But I can’t get motivated to start.

What is my problem?

I do anything to get out of doing what I want and waste loads of time watching TV, surfing the net. Sometimes there is a reason. I am worn out, distracted, ill. Most of the time there is no excuse.

I am writing this as a form of procrastination but actually this is also a first step. I want to write first as soon as I put my computer on. Not check my emails or bank balance. I want to write what is in my head and then maybe the weight of what is in it will lift and I can get on.

Some of my procrastination is to do with fear. What if I start that thing and can’t finish it, do a bad job, waste money, make a fool of myself, it’s too big a job, I just can’t do it?

In the last year I have learnt that I can feel the fear and do it anyway on one project I was forced into and in the end learnt and enjoyed. I didn’t die, fail, make a fool of myself or show lack of knowledge. I helped people and earnt respect with people who I would actually be scared to talk to in any other situation. Blimey, I even won an award.

So as of today this changes. I will not be frustrated again by this lack of self-belief.

I have taken my first step


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